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WebP Image Converter

WebP Image Converter

Xoom WebP Image Converter Online Free Tool

What is WebP image?

Open standard WebP image format was created by Google in 2010 and supports lossless and lossy compression. With the new compression algorithm, Google claims images can be compressed by as much as 34 percent while maintaining high quality. Because WebP images require less storage space, the internet as a whole could be speeded up, according to theory.
Google advanced WebP in order to create smaller, better-looking images that would help speed up the web's response time. In addition to VP8 image data, a WepB file contains a RIFF-formatted container. It's a new image format for pictures that uses lossless compression.

Details about WEBP files on a technical level:

The process of prediction is used to achieve lossy compression of WebP files. pixels must be predicted based on surrounding blocks in order for this technique to be effective. Encoding and processing take place to determine how much the image differs from what was predicted in advance. As a result, many of the blocks of pixels in the predicted image are identical to the actual image. In this way, the size of the images can be reduced to a more manageable size. It is possible to achieve lossless compression by using parts of the image that have already been analysed in order to reconstruct the rest of the image, which is similar to lossy compression. A current version of the WebP file format allows for the creation of animations XMP metadata, and large images maxing out at 16384x16384 tiles.

Xoom WEBP Free Image Converter Online:

Using our free online WebP converter, you can convert your images into the WebP format. Click "Convert file" after uploading your file or providing a link to an image to convert. Upon conversion, you'll be able to download the WebP image as soon as it's finished.
Also, animated GIFs can be converted to animated WebPs with our free WebP converter tool.
For the optimum quality, we have worked with global software makers as well as open source developers. Like many converting forms, you can customize the value as well as other possibilities.

Supported File Types:

GIF / JPG / PNG / APNG / HEIC / MNG / FLIF / AVIF / WebP or other formates.

Xoom Internet's free WebP image converter online is very simple and easy to use you can convert your images just in seconds.

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